Top 6 Best iPhone Emulator For PC to Run iOS Apps (2020)


iPhone Emulator For PC: There has been a significant increase in the number of iPhone users over the years, but still a majority of people doesn’t own an iPhone because of its hefty price and strict ecosystem. Still, owning an iPhone is a dream for some people and some, it is a need to use iPhone utilities and applications too. 

iPhone Emulator for PC can help you to run iPhone apps on your windows PC. iOS emulators are similar to android emulators, and android apps are also not supported on Windows. Therefore, we have a blue stack and other incredible android emulators for windows. 

In the same way, there are a lot of iPhone Emulator for PC available on the internet. These emulators can help a user to use an iPhone app like iTunes, maps, apple music on their windows PC.

iPhone Emulator For PC

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best iPhone emulators for PC, with you. We have tested the emulators listed below to provide you a list of the best and the working iPhone emulator for PC.

 Once you download any of the emulator listed below, you’ll be able to run iPhone apps on your PC smoothly.  Before installing any of the emulators listed below, let us see what an emulator is. 

What is an iOS emulator for windows? 

Instead of diving into the history of emulators, let’s keep it shallow so that even a typical user would understand about emulators. So basically, an emulator is a virtual program that creates a different operating system environment on another operating system without affecting the files or any pre-existing data on the system. 

Emulators do not cause any harm to the user’s PC. They are safe to use, but it depends on which emulator you are using. We have listed down the best iOS emulators for PC. 

Best iPhone Emulator for PC 2020

The iOS emulators that are listed below would let you run an iOS application on your windows device. We have listed down six emulators that are efficient enough to run almost any iOS applications.  

1. Smart face emulator

smartface ios emulator

One of the widely used emulators among app developers because of its fantastic support for developing cross-platform iOS apps. Smart face iOS emulator has a free and a paid version; you can choose either of it. The paid version costs around $99, and the overall user satisfaction is pretty good because of its fantastic service. 

2. iPadian

ipadian emulator

IPadian is an iPad emulator for windows that creates an iOS environment on android or a windows system. You can use iPhone apps using iPadian like iMessages, Siri, etc.  

Though it can run a lot of iOS application but still expecting iPadian to run every single app that you can run on an iPhone is pointless. The user interface is similar to that of iOS; therefore, you would feel like you are using an iPhone. 

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appetize iphone simulator offers a free and premium service. We all know that there are a very few iOS emulators that work on windows, is one of them. It is mostly used by developers to test the applications or other developmental requirements. 

In the trial or free version, you will get 100 minutes of apps usage, which can be easily monitored through the dashboard, or you can set alerts to get notifications upon reaching the threshold. 

4. iOS Simulator in Xcode

xcode ios emulator

Xcode is apple’s software development environment for Mac that also has an emulator for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage. It has many functionalities that are capable enough to perform different types of interactions, such as device rotation, scrolling, and other necessary functions that are used by the users. 

As it is a product offered by Apple to the developers, Xcode is free of cost. Therefore you will have to pay no fee before or after installing Xcode. 

5. Air Phone

air iphone emulator

Airphone is no doubt, the best iPhone emulator for PC. It works with Adobe air so before installing the Airphone, make sure you install Adobe Air on your PC to run the emulator without any troubles. It creates a virtual environment on your PC to run iOS application and games. 

The GUI of Air phone is similar to the iPhone, and it also works like an iPhone, which allows all iOS apps and games. It gives you an experience of an iPhone but still not to the full extent, if you are keen to try iOS device, go for it. 

6. Xamarin TestFlight

xamarin testflight

Xamarin is also a fantastic emulator to run iOS apps on Windows. It is also compatible with MAC devices and let you run iOS apps and games efficiently on your PC. As it is a windows product, chances of getting stable updates and bug fixes is high. 

This emulator is best for iOS developers, and they can test their applications on Xamarin TestFlight before publishing the application on the App store. Xamarin TestFlight is loaded with a lot of features and comes with a user-friendly interface; the only downside of the emulator is that you can only test or run the application that is based on iOS 8.0 version.  

Windows would never give this great emulator for free. Therefore, you’ll have to pay 25 USD per month to use the Xamarin TestFlight emulator. 

Final Words 

So, these were the best iPhone emulators for PC that would let you run iOS apps on your PC. The emulators can be used for development, app testing, or using iOS applications. Some of the listed ios emulators are not free because of their excellent features that might be missing in other iOS emulators. 


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