How NetBaseQuid is Deploying Social Media Analytics to Drive Companies’ Marketing Strategy


Today, entrepreneurs know the significance of social media analytics. Brands and companies now appreciate the value played by social networks. They are no longer used solely for communication purposes. Social media platforms have proved its ability to produce concrete outcomes regarding the capacity to create strong partnerships between customers and companies hence bolster customer experience. Currently, a considerable number of marketers deploy social media for varied marketing activities. For instance, 95% use Facebook, 80% use LinkedIn, and 76% use Twitter to reach out to customers.

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Power of Digital Media Analytics

Digital media carries a wealth of information that is valuable to marketers. It comprises collected data from the diverse social network, which shows how different users interact on the web, such as sharing and viewing content. Analyzing and tracking those metrics is useful in informing a helpful marketing strategy. Data obtained from social media platforms can help marketers discover high-performing content based-on trends and audiences on various platforms. Thus, it gauges the efficacy of a brand based on online activity. The following are the best utilization of social media analytics to create a workable marketing strategy.

Discover and Track KPIs

Before embarking on an online data analysis quest, it is imperative to figure out your brand’s digital Key Performance Indicators, abbreviated as KIPs. KIPs should align perfectly with your overall marketing strategy. Once you have settled on idyllic KIPs, picking the right system will assist collect and analyze data effectively and efficiently. The ideal social media tools should be simple, have a friendly user interface that is easy and intuitive to manage. Deploying social media analytics, both marketers and organizations can decrease the ROI and prove the benefit of online media. Moreover, by prioritizing and identifying KIPs, companies can leverage relevant data to appraise and optimize posting on social media. For instance, this data helps to enlighten marketers on which platform augments their brand and what kind of content has a significant impact.

Focus Contents Based on Trends and Interests

Social media analytics offers marketers with necessary insights on advertising, content, and products, elicit interests, and buzz online. Thus, brands can leverage this data to identify the top brand and content influencers. Moreover, marketers must consistently track all talk associated with their company online. The sentiment, keywords, and language, for instance, are idyllic trackers of online on-goings. Besides, gauging actual opinion against the desired perception about an organization will assist marketers in recognizing whether their brand is positioned acceptably.

Focus Based on Online Platform

Focused social media KIPs assist marketers in targeting the unique metrics and analyzing data from all online sites. Marketers must have a complete perception of how well contents perform on different social sites. Today, different platforms provide native analytics systems to better equip marketers with topnotch data tracking and analyzing tools. Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and Twitter Analytics are examples of the few social media analytics tools available. For instance, Facebook Insights enable business owners’ operating Facebook business page to examine some internal KPIs like reactions, impressions, likes, engagements, and posts reach.

At the same time, Twitter Analytics illustrates mentions, the number of followers, engagement rate, and link click in a twenty-eight-day summary. Google Analytics provides metrics on different digital platforms to assist brands track and know about product sales, duration and leads. Tracking both social platform analytics and KPIs helps marketers discover how content and posts perform on the internet and help leverage social platforms accordingly.

Thus, you need dedicated services of NetBaseQuid because they deliver real-time clientele insights required in achieving business goals. The company helps enterprises create insightful strategies that bolster engaging campaigns. Moreover, using our social media analytics tools will help personalize content suitable for your marketing strategy.


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